[Solved] “AP Currently Not in Use Internet Connection Slow” Galaxy S4/S5

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AP Currently Not in Use Internet Connection Slow

AP Currently Not in Use

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy and can’t connect to WiFi internet? Your internet link works well on your gadget, but somewhere in various other locations, your WiFi gadget doesn’t work properly and makes mistakes look like – “AP currently not in use” internet connection slow down. The internet connection is very strong at that location 5MB / S or 30MB / S. You in some cases stop working trying to reset the system, reboot, and reprocessing facilities, on your gadget. But really nothing happened, the message “AP currently not in use” pushed repeatedly. You in some cases recognize that your gadget is damaged or some type of damage is happening on my gadget. You cannot connect to WiFi and get the same message over and over.

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when you make a new connection from the internet, your laptop computer starts to connect to the internet, but your Samsung Galaxy Android phone is not connected to the network that was recently offered. “AP currently not in use internet connection slow” often happens on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5. “There are many factors for this type of error because from the router or maybe you have to do some settings on your cell phone.

Factors for AP Currently Not In Use Internet Connection Slow

There are many factors for this problem (currently no tablet computers are used). Previously deleting to service, we are here highlighting the main factors that why does AP currently not in use internet connection slow?

  1. The router must be restarted.
  2. Your Android phone has checked a bad connection.
  3. The speed of your network also slows down.
  4. The network still has a previous connection.

This is a feasible factor for AP not currently in use. There may be a lot of problems, but here we talk about the number of Android phones that get this problem, for example, Failed to obtain IP address galaxy s5, Galaxy S4 Avoid Poor Connections, Samsung Grand 2 Cannot Connect to Wifi, Samsung Tablet Cannot Connect to Wifi, Internet Not Available Via Selected Wifi Ap, Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t Connect to Wifi

How To Fix “AP currently not in use” Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4

okay, in the summary of this article Ipcops helps you to overcome the error “AP currently not in use” internet connection slow. Use the 4 methods below to solve your problem if you see an error like Failed to get an IP address or AP currently not in use internet connection slow.

1. Change IP settings of WiFi in PC

  • Go to settings.
  • Tabs on the Wi-Fi Network> Forget Passwords.
  • Tab on Network again.
  • Check 2 Boxes> Scroll down.
  • Scroll down to where the option is either DHCP or Static.
  • Click on Static and enter the IP address of your computer.
  • Wi-Fi will be connected.

2. Restart your smartphone, it will fix AP Not in use on Galaxy s5.

In this case, you have to restart your Android. This will try to fix the problem AP currently not in use galaxy s5. This method will solve problems on Android and tablets. Maybe this method does not match your smartphone, use another method below:

Restart your tablet or phone to avoid the problem “AP currently not in use Samsung Galaxy s5”.

3. Turn off your Router and Turn it Back on to Fix “AP Currently Not in Use Samsung Galaxy S4”

  • Disconnect the power from your router for 1-2 minutes.
  • Connect strength once more.
  • Wait a few seconds for the link to appear.
  • Link your phone to Wi-Fi again.

This technique will certainly solve your problem from currently not using slowed web links. Let’s hope this technique still hasn’t solved your problem, you can try one more technique.

4. Forget the Wi-Fi network and Connect Again

This technique, you just have to push the WiFi symbol for a couple of secs on your gadget, just like opening up a WiFi dialog. After that touch your WiFi network and click Failed to remember. Touch your WiFi network and go into your WiFi password once again to connect this to your gadget.

  • Go to Settings> Wi-Fi.
  • Tab on a Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Forget.
    Re-enter your Wi-Fi network password again.

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from the above method can be concluded, if you have used the above method but AP internet cannot be used, it is most likely to occur on your internet network problem, try to contact a network technician.

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